Opt for air transport when you have a larger budget: its speed and safety make it an efficient mode of transport.

The various players in this mode of transport are:

The carrier: the airline company that most often transports passengers and goods, sometimes only goods.
The air freight agent, the broker (the shipper): organizes the main transport, handles the operations and formalities relating to transport and, possibly, customs operations for export and / or import.
The shipper who entrusts his goods to the freight forwarder

Contract: the air transport contract is concluded between the carrier (airline) and the broker. The contract is materialized by the Air Transport letter. The Air Waybill (LTA) is established by the agent, in the name of the company. The LTA is at the same time: the proof of the contract of transport, of the taking over of the goods by the company and of the conditions of transport.

Cost: The pricing basis is the ratio between weight and volume knowing that 1 ton = 6m3. We therefore divide the actual volume by 6 to obtain the fictitious weight serving as the basis for pricing. The IATA tariff, in principle compulsory, may be subject to reductions depending on the volume. The price offered by a commission agent is negotiable and competition must be the rule.

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